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x10media’s Filehost Script is a free filehost for your users.  Let your users upload files free, or have an option for paid members with paypal ipn intergrated!  This script is feature packed with features!  The script is based on smarty template system, ajax progress bar while uploading Ajax file display, Premium members, Admin, and SO much more! After ordering you can have your site setup in minutes with our instant download/purchase!

User Side
– Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design, also driven by smarty template!
– User Accounts
User registration with individual account space. Each account has its own separate storage space. You can manage them with the web based admin tools.
– Free and Premium Plans
Users have the ability to select a free account or a Premium Paid account. and can make your own custom plans free or paid for different users!
– Paypal IPN
Paypal IPN Integrated for Instant Activation on Paid/Premium Accounts. And Automated Billing Management for Paid Accounts.
– Ajax Progress Upload Bar
File Upload with Progress bar!  See your uploads in realtime, with estimated time, overall time, and more!
– Download Timer
Can set any amount of time for your downloads to appear while the customer is sitting looking at ads waiting for there download link.
– Secure download Links
Secured download locations with mod_rewrite.  They won’t be able to access the file direct, they will HAVE to go through the given download link, which means NO hotlinking!
– Allow and disallow file types
Allow any types and disallow any types of files easily.
– Members Newsletter
Send your users newsletters letting them know of special features, new packages and MORE!  Great way to get customers back to your site!
Mod_Rewrite on the search to help with SEO
– Integrated with Google Adsense
Intergrated Google Adsense ads prebuilt in to the design, no editing the code to ad your advertisement.

Admin Side

– Password Protected
Secured Admin section so nobody can login and change your settings.
– Ban Members and IPs
Find someone or an IP abusing your system?  BAN them with ease in the admin!
– Admin Email New upload
Be notified of new file uploads to your script by email every time a new file is uploaded!.
– New User Notify
Emails upon new user registration
– Create Free and Premium Plans
Want to add custom plans? More Free Plans different sizes, Use the ability in the admin with a few clicks to create as many plans as you need.
– Update Title / Keywords / Description
Easily update your Title / Keywords / Description with the admin form.
– Currency
Easily Change your currency from the backend.
– Download Timer / Expire
Set the amount of time the user must wait before downloading, and expiring downloads, so if the user leaves your site waiting for the download they will only have a certain time before the download expires and they will have to redo it.
– View Uploaded Files
Easily view all of the files you have uploaded to the size by user.  Shows Size, Date uploaded, How many Downloads, the IP of the uploader, Username, Last access, and the ability to delete the file from the admin.
– View Members / Change members
Ability to view all of your members, and change the plan to free or premium.  Also can check how many times they logged in.
– Change Admin Username / Password
Ability to change your admin username and password.

Demo | Download

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